Live Review:
Forum, Bielefeld, 03.06.2017, von Rune Fleiter
In der kurzen Umbaupause schnell ein neues Bier organisiert, ein Vorteil wenn man nicht mit der Kamera in der Hand vor der Bühne steht, und dann die zweite Band des Abends angeschaut. The Cheating Hearts aus Hamburg St. Pauli, Sie kommen direkt aus der Wedding Chapel und bringen Songs über gescheiterte Liebe und Heartbreak, um mal den Pressetext zu zitieren denn das passte wie die Faust aufs Auge. Als Intro läuft Hochzeitsmusik, auf dem Boden vor der Bühne liegen Rosenblätter, Drummerin VivaValli sitzt im Hochzeitskleid am Schlagzeug und auch Sänger und Gitarrist Stu Black trägt nen weißen Anzug. Aber dann ist Schluss mit Romantik und es gibt feinsten Garage- Rock´n´Roll auf die Ohren, wild und schmutzig. Nach fast jedem Song kämmt sich Sänger und Gitarrist Stu Black schnell durch die Haare und wirft den Kamm dann in Richtung Publikum. Nicht nur damit sondern auch mit seinen Moves erinnert er schon ein wenig an den King of Rock´n´Roll. Alles in allem ne richtig geile Show und eine Band die ich absolut empfehlen kann.

Cheating Hearts – Fuck Love LP (Trash Wax)
Cheating Hearts are a fabulous Rock n‘ Roll guy/girl duo out of St Pauli, Germany. I know I’ve heard some of this band’s earlier releases and I liked what I’ve heard. The band describes themselves as “garage punk,” but they straddle the line by adding some rockabilly influence to their brand of No Talents/Splash 4 style of dirty garage punk as well. And when I say “rockabilly” I don’t mean those clowns in Necromantix. I mean Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley type stuff. Maybe even some Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps thrown in too. Those are the vibes I feel when I listen to this record. A bit more primitive punk energy behind those 1950’s influences yes, but essentially that’s what’s going on here. Guitarist/Vocalist Stu Black can play the hell out if his six string and drummer Viva Valli keeps him in check every step of the way.   – J Castro

Live Review, McChuills, Glasgow, UK 04.02.17
„Heart throbbing Garage rockers The Cheating Hearts from St Pauli, Hamburg threw themselves up into a turbulent frenzy as headliners of the night, battling it out with a raw untameable attitude and a unified instrumental kick in the goolies, all in the name of irrational love. The gorgeously delicious VivaValli who provides heart palpitations with her pounding drums and sharp, to the point vocals along with sizzling, slick, Stu Black, who ignites the fires with his dirty, raw guitar riffage and retaliating vocal makes for a blazing duo who provide a no-nonsense approach to stirring up an energy and rocking out.

This was the second time I have had the privilege of photographing The Cheating Hearts, and I have to say they really are up there in my favourites in regards to their strong expressive performing style, they look amazing and really feed off each other throughout their performance, also packing a power punch with their energetic songs that express the many avenues in which twisted and contorted love can take. Most of their tracks last three to four minutes each, ditties that sure blast to the rafters! As the McChuills crowd jumped and shimmied stage front in appreciation. I love that the duo’s sound, with its stripped down nature of raw, rocking guitar, FX, drums, and vocals create such a deep impact. The band’s debut LP „Fuck Love“ has just been released on a London UK independent record label called Trash Wax Records with the duo set to tour Italy in March and then a tour of Japan is in order for April! I highly recommend you catch these awesome cats live and direct next time they come round to a venue near you.“

LP Review „Fuck Love“
„Heartache never sounded so good“? Stimmt! Selten hat Herzschmerz so gut geklungen wie der charmant-trashige Garagen-Voodoo-Punk der CHEATING HEARTS aus Hamburg. Und wo sonst gibt es einen passenderen Ort, um Songs über Liebe, sei es frisch oder verrottete, zu schreiben, als St. Pauli, wo es mehr gebrochene Herzen als kaputte Bierfalschen gibt?! Bleibt nur noch zu erwähnen, dass Drumsirene VivaValli und Gitarrist Stu Black nicht nur hinreißend aussehen, sondern auch musikalisch überzeugen und an eine minimalistische Version der CRAMPS oder an frühe B 52 ́s – nur ohne Synthiegedudel – erinnern. Tiptop.
Joni de Groot,
Ox Fanzine, Nr. 129, 12/16

LP Review: Voix de Garage Grenoble, samedi 14 janvier 2017
The CHEATING HEARTS / Fuck love, LP / Trash Wax
Voilà indéniablement pourquoi les disquaires sont indispensables, vu que j’ai découvert ce duo chez Dangerhouse. Tout d’abord j’ai été attiré par la très belle pochette. Puis Bruno m’a fait écouter et je suis parti avec ce LP.
Duo mixte batterie / guitare. Qui doit beaucoup à la voix de la batteuse très accrocheuse, colérique parfois et mélodieuse le plus souvent !
Nous voilà avec 12 titres bien accrocheurs avec chacun leur personnalité, qui accrochent l’oreille parce qu’ils ne sont pas tous dans le moule trop convenu des duos Garage Blues. En dépit du fait que les Cheating Hearts (excellent nom de groupe, non ?) soient effectivement à affilier à cette veine il / elle ne font pas que ça ! On entend dans cet album pas mal de 50’s R’n’R bien sauvage, et des trucs qui rappellent le meilleur de la scène Garage 90 tirant vers le budget Rock.
Bref ça crisse bien dans les oreilles c’est toujours mélodieux mais puissant et en n’oubliant jamais de sonner ROCK !
Yeah !!!

Single Review: © by Ox-Fanzine / Ausgabe #123 (Dezember 2015/Januar 2016)
In der Hochzeitsgarderobe, die das Hamburger Bluespunk-Duo CHEATING HEARTS zur Bühnenkostümierung trägt, spiegelt sich ihr Themenspektrum wider – das althergebrachte „Make-ups and Break-ups“-Sujet, das seit Menschengedenken zur Betextung von Drei-Akkord-Smashern dient.
Dazu untermauern simple Drums und repetitive Gitarrenloops das Ganze im Spektrum zwischen Nick Cave und THE TROGGS, kratzen gelegentlich am Garage- und Rockabilly-Sound der späten Fünfziger Jahre und erinnern so automatisch an die GORIES, aus deren Vorprogramm die CHEATING HEARTS kürzlich unerhörterweise ausgeschlossen worden sind.
Hätte gut gepasst.
Matti Bildt

Live Review: September 13 2015,, Author – Duygu
„Hello you all! After summer, sunshine and lollipops, here I am to tell you about the Reverend Beat-Man + The Cheating Hearts gig took place in Hafenklang last month.
The opening act was the Cheating Hearts, garage punk duo, based in Hamburg. Been aware of their existence for some time but never got the chance to see them. There it was, they were on stage dressed up as groom and bride! Well, it was a hot day and the venue was packed, not sure how they survived with the heavy clothing! But anyways, it was their style after all and they punked the evening out of us! Drums were tough, guitar was harsh and they put up an amazing show. Ta da, it ended too soon. We could have had more of them, like. But next was Beat Man, so hooray!

CD Review:
„Any kind of music that makes me feel as if my brain is going to explode or if my body is being pulled about in different directions is fine by me. It’s pretty much what I look for. I don’t like mushy stuff, that doesn’t benefit anyone (maybe it does, but it just isn’t for me.) Those mushy songs portray love in the worst way. And general feelings. I want to feel as if I’m in the midst of a fight that I shouldn’t be in. I want the drums to turn into bruises and the guitar to feel like a bash to the face.

The Cheating Hearts have this huge gang feel to their sound, but there’s just two of them. I’m a massive fan of duos, and when they make more noise than most that’s when I know I’ve found something I’m going to treasure. The Cheating Hearts are a mighty fine German band who sound like The Cramps mixed with (early) The Damned. They make you feel as if you are not in this era. They’ve got a typical Rock & Roll feel mixed with something really creepy. An ideal tour for me would be these guys and The Creeping Ivies. It would be brutal, raw and intense.

I know the word “cool” is redundant and let’s be honest, nobody apart from Lou Reed captured the real essence of cool. But if you want the REAL meaning, just watch Almost Famous. Lester Bangs character nails it perfectly. However, The Cheating Hearts are slick and real cool. This is a band that should be influencing young ruffians to pick up an instrument and make some noise. If I was 14/15 and hearing these guys, I’d be quick to find some friends and make some noise. Instead, I’m just a 28 year old with no musical talent constantly wishing I did. Oh to pack up daily life and exchange it for dive bars and going to places I never thought I would. I can dream, it’s all I have.

Their record wonderfully titled, Fuck Love came out just over a year ago. I’m late to the party but you know, better late than never…well, depending on the circumstances I guess. Fuck Love is a gritty and rowdy records. It’s for those who adore the weird side of things and embrace with arms and minds open. There is something really magical about this record, and like I mentioned above, it really does make you feel as if you’ve gone back in time. They do not sound “now.” I struggle to work out what a “now” sound is. It is a lot of synths? Count me out.

Their bio says that they will soundtrack your next break-up. Sometimes having your heart gorged out needs a soundtrack, The Cheating Hearts are that soundtrack. Some may want to listen to Adele and cry into a box of Milk Tray, but fuck that. Throw yourself into something like this and forget what happened. A break-up doesn’t have to ruin you, nothing in life does. Sure it is easier said than done, but I’m all for rambunctious sounds like The Cheating Hearts to tell my story/unleash it all for me. Sure if your heart isn’t broken these guys can still be you soundtrack, I’ll be constantly playing them without thinking about anything other than how bloody great they sound.

The Cheating Hearts are a brilliant explosion of all things I look for in music. Their lyrics are witty in all the right places and the music is all I could wish for. With only one record released, Fuck Love just leaves you wanting more. There’s only so much having it on repeat can do for you until you start craving for more music. With one listen I just knew I was headed into something I couldn’t get enough of.

The Cheating Hearts are going to put you in a chokehold and rip out your heart when they are done. You’ll love it and you won’t be able to stop yourself from having that feeling over and over again. Don’t fight it, there’s just no point at all. They dress in wedding garments and look like a couple who are on the run. Their look is as crucial as their sound. They look like how they want you to feel when you listen to their music, and trust me you will. This Garage Rock/Punk sound they have going on is nothing short of incredible and I need more.

Live Review:
„Raw Garage/Punk duo “The Cheating Hearts” are only recently back in their home town of Pauli Germany after storming- trooping their successful tour up and down the UK making sure to secure two Scottish dates in Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s & Glasgow’s McChuills, This would be a first encounter with the band and I have to say it was an impressionable one. The Bucky Rage were their explosive support band; a band N.H.C Music Photography has had the pleasure of photographing on a few various occasions over the last few years. As if the cream was not layered enough on the cake by The Bucky Rage’s performance! along came a raw energetic duo that shook the house with their garage punk noise! this was their first gig in Glasgow and to say they were well received is an understatement. Their songs are more catchy then the common cold, beginning their set with „Another Lover“ …

Dressed in wedding attire, the duo bashed out rip roaring songs that highlighted the various stages in a couples relationship, from love to heartbreak done in a pounding heartbeat with passionate attitude. Their set in general was dead easy to sing along to in combination with those raw thriving beats, it was a perfect infectious blend to sway your body & adapt a certain attitude F**k you attitude too. I really admired the couples down-to earth, bust loose & have fun attitude. It really carried through an electricity in their performance of being completely about the music they create & the energy & drive that was put into their performance was undeniable in the way that it took the room over. I even had a little shuffle myself as I was photographing them; not often do I rock out as much when I work with the camera. They were really interesting to capture also. An expressive duo which gave me an exceptional batch of photos. Even if they do sing about make-up’s and break-up’s this duo most certainly are a dynamite match which I can’t wait to hear more of in the future months.
Miff Morris, New Hellfire Club, Glasgow UK, 9th feb 2015

Live Review: Thin Wire Fence and The Cheating Hearts – What’s Cookin’ – 04/02/15
„On Wednesday night, I headed up to a small ex-servicemen’s club in Leytonstone …
First up were Hamburg’s The Cheating Hearts, a garage punk two-piece with a slither of psychobilly. Their latest single, Another Lover … is a wild 60s rockabilly gem – …
Singer and guitarist Stu Black’s vocals echo those of The Hives’ Howlin Pelle Almquist, with drummer Vivavallli’s vocals not going amiss in a riot-grrrl band like Chicks on Speed or Scream Club.
Comparisons to White Stripes are inevitable for a two-piece, but few as strongly as this pair – they’re dating, have a self-taught drummer, and are rough around the edges.“
February 8, 2015 / thechainmagazine

Single Review: Cheating Hearts – Another Lover EP (Self Released)
„This German duo consists of the debonair Stu Black that comes off like a mix of Johnny Cash and Nick Cave belting out vocals and passionately strumming that guitar. The lovely Viva Valli meanwhile feverishly pounds on the drums and lends her vocal talent as well with a flawless Jayne Mansfield meets Nancy Spungen look. The music is very minimalistic Rock n’ Roll that straddles the sound of Rockabilly and the wild 1960’s garage sound of bands like the Kingsmen or The Troggs. Cheating Hearts let the guitar drive the bus on their short song bursts about losing love, wanting love, and making love. Get on the bus and search for your soul in the darkness with Stu and Viva. You may not ever find it but you’ll have a lot of fun looking!“
Jay Castro,, 12/2014