The Cheating Hearts – here they are: the hot and sizzling boy/girl garage-punk duo from Hamburg- St.Pauli, Germany with VivaValli pounding the Drums and Stu Black strumming the guitar to whip up a dance compelling rock´n´roll trash excitation.

Coming straight from the wedding chapel, The Cheating Hearts bring you songs of love or being unloved and deliver the perfect soundtrack for YOUR next break-up!
Growing up in England Stu has been playing in bands as either bassist, drummer or guitar player or as a one-man-band since the age of 15.  The two met in 2011 at a garage concert in Hamburg -St. Pauli and over a few shots of tequila decided to start a band, even though Vivavalli didn´t even play an instrument. 3 days later, drum lessons started…
The debut LP „Fuck Love“ released Obtober 2016 on Trash Wax Records (London, UK); order a copy!! (see „Releases“). Highlights were gigs at international festivals such as Garageville, Hamburg and Munster Raving Loony Party, Spain, this years Gutterball Festival in Norway and the Gutter Island Garagerock Festival in Denmark.
Overall they have also played national and international shows in, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and Portugal. Furthermore they toured the UK, Spain and Israel for some ass-kickin´ gigs,  so get ready for some raw, dirty and wild tunes!

2017 has kicked off with a tour in Italy in march and a tour in Japan in April!!